a virtual reality experience


What is transcendence?

Transcendence is a Virtual Reality environment in form of a serene and magical forest, that strives to provide a safe mental space for people, who are burdened during times of uncertainty and constant change. A carefully curated selection of visuals and sounds encourage the user to leave everyday stress and anxiety caused by Covid-19 behind. The VR experience aims to support people, to clear their mind in order to better process the pressure of the global pandemic crisis. Transcendence attempts to guide the user through a meditative, calming environment, that speaks to mind and body. The combination of anxiety soothing nature as well as precisely arranged sounds and colours turn Transcendence into a safe haven.

The idea behind transcendence

Exposure to nature not only makes you feel better emotionally, it contributes to your physical well-being, reducing heart rate, blood pressure and the production of stress hormones.

Here is why transcendence will help calm feelings of anxiety.

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Our VR Version will be available for download soon!


special thanks

Dr. Karin Guminski, LMU

Aida Bakhtiari

Silke Schmidt, XR Hub Bavaria

Dr. Jan-Hendrik Passoth, TUM

Karsten Hinrichs